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For the stage and stages of your life's journey

Creative: The energy of being, living, and/or performing either in the arts or life.

Concept: A plan or intention; an idea

Outcome: The way things turn out; a consequence

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Wholistic and Integrative!

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What is your MINDset?

Do you have a creative idea, project, or production that you need support with?​

In creative coordinating, together we will identify the goals and outcomes of your creative trajectory and come up with the best steps to accomplish it. 

I provide real time supports for your creative next steps.  

Brainstorming & Creative Mapping is a form of visual thinking which allows you to explore a subject or idea using keywords, which trigger associations in the brain to spark further ideas. Visual thinking is known for the powerful way in which it can boost our memory, productivity and creativity.

Film Set


A BODY of Creative Works!

Lets get it done. On set, behind the scenes, pre and post production care and support. Collaborating with talent and creative professionals for: 

  • Creative Coordinating

  • Dance and Creative Movement

  • Videography

  • Photography

  • Fitness and Exercise

  • On Set, Behind the Scenes supports

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The SOUL of living the life you love!

This service is centered for:

  • Athletes

  • Performers

  • Artists

  • Women navigating life transitions

    • Job/Work/Career

    • Relationships

    • New personal/creative ventures

Coaching is essentially a partnership between the coach and their client, working together to help the client achieve their goals in identified areas of your life.

Goal: Build personal awareness to empower choice that lead to positive change and outcomes.

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Support and Guidance

Looking to explore your career in mental health and wellness or personal life transitions but not sure where to turn? 
One of the defining features of a mentor is their first-hand experience. You might want to know how they got to where they are. I will share my guidance, insights, lessons learned, and wisdom.

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For your Spiritual Self

With the use of reiki, sound healing, meditation, journaling... we set aside some time for self care.



"I support Creatives, Performers, and Talent in navigating mental and emotional experiences, challenges, and distress in order to show up fully in their creative gifts and talents."

“I help women navigating life transitions explore curiosity and confidence within past, present, and next steps in life through somatic mind-body processing, play, and pause.”

"I mentor and guide Wellness and Health professionals on their journey professionally and personally."

I am passionate about educating, inspiring, and supporting individuals in their journey inward and forward.

I am described as Creative … Intuitive …. Compassionate…. Thoughtful …. Empowering. 

I honor holding space just for you !

I highly lean into my own Spiritual intuition and empathic insights, as well as sources of anecdotes and analogies, music, movement, mindfullness, breath, silence and stillness, play and humor in the work and living that I create. 

I have over 25 years in the world of Creative Performing arts that includes runway modeling, dance, stage/film/voice acting, photography and videography, creative writing, talent coordinating and management, and creative project leadership and support. 

Professional experience, Training, and Academic background includes personal and group fitness, military logistics, education advocay, individual mentoring, talent scouting and coordinating, community outreach, wellness empowerment, Foster Care Social Work, as well as Professional Mental and Public Health work that is the foundation to this practice.


Facing my own life ambitions and challenges socially, academically, and creatively growing up, all the while navigating many life disparities outside of my control surrounding wellness, safety, and education, I have remained focused on improving life for myself and others around me. 


Being a Woman.

Being a Black Woman.

Being a Black Queer Woman.

Being a Black Queer Creative and Spiritual Woman---

I am no stranger to what it means to stand out and to simultaneously feel the angst to shrink, hide, or question personal, professional, and creative self confidence and value. ​

I’ve taken my own investment in the steps to evolve, heal, grow, and transcend hardships along my own journey with use of coaching, astrology, therapy, spiritually, the arts, community, diet and fitness, and so much more. 


With my additional training in trauma sensitive yoga, sound healing, meditation, breathwork, Reiki and energy healing, along with cognitive behavioral mind-body strategies, I look forward to collaborating with you in your life's goals. ​​

I believe that with the support of a Coach at whatever point in your life, you are able to overcome life's obstacles and re-design who you desire to be. 

​ Be sure to consult your intuition prior to booking. It is important to be in alignment with the attunement of connecting and working together. It is your responsibility to keep your intuition tapped in whenever outsiders are invited.

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